Careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder


Not really wrote anything in a while, sort of due to my work but also nothing really too exciting has been happening.

I've been focusing on my career a lot lately and I've just finished reading "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg about women in leadership roles  within business, she is a really inspirational woman, the book really out into perspective the problems that women struggle with behind closed doors. As I've mentioned in previous blogs Sheryl is one of by big inspirations she teaches me that it is possible for me to have the career I want and the family life I want in the future.

As soon as I finished that one I bought #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, I am slightly embarrassed that I haven't actually herd of her or her business but the book has been flooding my social media for weeks now so I just have to check it out. 

As well as this I have joined a lot of Facebook community groups thanks to a post by one of my favourite blogs 'Career Girl daily' (if your a woman who is motivated in your career or life, this should be your bible). 

One of these groups is called BeingBoss on which they post weekly podcasts (See Here for podcasts) about different aspects of their working world with some amazing career women guests, this is great for me to listen do while I am doing mundane tasks or too tired to read, the girls are so upbeat and enthusiastic about what they do and this really helps make it seem like your just a fly on the wall listening to their convocation. 

So my internship at Nike is still going really well, the work is starting to pick up the more experience I get and the more involved with the team I become. The hour and a half commute is still a total drag but with my books and my music I'm sailing, unless like this morning when you are squished against the door next to a guy who's phone is hilarious to the point he has to bellow out a laugh every 2 minutes... rant over. 

From these books and podcasts, as well as work, I hope to find what I really want to do after university. At the moment I REALLY like the idea of working for myself and setting up my own company/business but out of all the many ideas I've had, none have really stood out or been something I'm passionate about. So any help  with this would be soon much appreciated, even if you just want to have a creative discussion about your ideas, its always good to bounce ideas around. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to post for often soon! 

I'm super friendly so follow me on social media and give me a message i'll be sure to reply. :)

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