Quick update: Limbo


(House hunting in Wetherspoons)

Back in April I got the most amazing news that, after extensive an interview process, that I succeeded in securing a year long internship with 'Nike Ltd' in London as their 'Western Europe PR and Communications Intern'. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm going to be starting in a month! 

(Having Celebratory drinks when I found out I got the job)

Thats also one month to find a house and move in. With my boyfriend being at university in High Wycombe it seemed like a good idea for us to move in together, as it would be easy for me to commute into London and also be cheaper. So yeah I'm moving in with my boyfriend! Scary. We have been together for a long time so it just feels like a natural progression in our relationship, but of course this is me and Harry we're talking about and nothing will go that smoothly.

We started looking at flats and houses straight away and found the perfect flat, and then it went, but then came up again! 'Its a sign' we thought, so after filling out all the documents we had the house off the market and could move in, as soon as the electric was fixed... we are now two months on and still no progress. So we have had to make the decision to look for somewhere else. 

Tomorrow my parents are helping me move my stuff into storage and then I'm going back to my home in the north east until we get a place sorted, hopefully I have everything sorted before mid-July when my intern starts but until then I'm in limbo. 

So thats the update on my life at the moment, and I'm going to be in limbo till then, but more time to blog so yay. I can't wait to start the first step of my career path and it still hasn't sunk in but I'm sure it will hit me like a truck when I start. 

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