Running To The Beat


A few months ago my friends peer pressured me into us all trotting down to Wembley stadium at 10am on a Sunday to run a 10K, for "fun"... Its Tuesday and I still can't walk. 

The race is called Sure 'Run To The Beat' and you basically run around the surrounding areas of wembley stadium to DJ's playing music and cheering you on, then after there is beer and an after party, this year Jamila Jamil was the headline! 

Although I entered with the intention of having enough time to train, this did not happen. I went on one 5k run two weeks before the event and thats about it (Reaaaaaalllyyyy do not advise this), however I did eat relatively healthy it the lead up. 

After a manic morning and nearly missing the train, Harry's Fault, we arrived just in time and met the girls who as it happens also missed the warm up (great start). Two had already started the run and myself and Beth were in the second 'wave' of starters. 

0 - 3k 
Alright this isn't to bad, my heart is going bonkers and my breathing is terrible but I've got this. 

3k - 4k 
Hills, Crap. Need to run, walk, run. walk. Where the hell is Beth?

4k - 5k 
Ok my body has regulated, Found Beth. I feel brilliant! 

5k - 7k 
Found a steady pace feels just like I'm walking, crap more hills. 

7k - 8k 
Oh god why did I agree to do this, think of something else think of something else. 

8k - 9k 
Knee hurts, foot hurts, so tired. Where's beth!? 

9k - 10k 
my body feels like jelly, is this real life? can't stop, mustn't stop. 

OMG I did it! I actually sodding well did it! Hobble towards Harry and the girls, beth was right behind me! 

Time - 1hr17min. 

It was a uniquely awesome experience, being a sprinter when I was younger I never thought I could do long distance, it wasn't 'my thing', but running with people in that environment is so different from just going round and round a track. It was brilliant knowing my friends were going through it too and Harry was waiting for my at the finish line, I am so proud of all the girls and myself! 

Although I still can't walk, I think I will definitely do another, me and the girls are already planning our next race! (Tough Mudder is still out of the question though, no way am I being electrocuted while jogging) 

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