5 Ways To Nail Your Commute


Its been two months since I started my new job here in London, its an amazing experience, but theres a catch! It takes me nearly 2 hours to travel from my home to the office, thus my mornings need to run smoothly, and this means preparing! 

Time Management Plan - I tend to stick to 'on the hour' or 'half past' for timing goals but thats just me. for me I need to make sure I catch my train, and I am not stressed or rushed. So my morning is as follows... 
6:30 - Wake up 
7:20 - Wake Harry up (For a lift)
7:30 - Leave the house 
7:52 - Train leaves 
8:30 - Arrive in London 

From there I either walk to the office (40mins) or take the tube, depending on the weather. If you plan you time like this, AND STICK TO IT, you will be much less likely to be stressed and or late. 

Pre-Bed Plan - Before I make the move from the sofa to the bed I always try to pack my bad for the next day with all the things I need and leave it by the door, doing this will free your time up in the morning for important things, like coffee. 

Clothing Plan - I know you have probably heard this from everyone, but it really is a massive time saver if you pick your outfit the day before, or at least have an idea. I admit this plan escapes me most days and I send at least 15mins in a clothes flinging frenzy, but I always have a rough idea, which I usually base around the weather forecast (totally unnecessary but it helps you getting caught out). 

Breakfast Plan - Some people can't face food in the morning, personally I don't think that you should force yourself to eat if you really don't want to but at least pop a breakfast bar in your bag, just incase. But whether you like to eat at work, in bed or on route, you should always have breakfast. Myself I vary, I usually bring food with me and see how I feel. 

Train Boredom Plan - My train journey is an hour long, this being at rush hour I don't always get a seat, or even personal space. Plan for either outcome, when sitting I like to read so I always bring my book with me, even if i don't get to read it once that day. When standing I can't read, makes me totally disorientated, so I usually listen to my playlists on Spotify or sometimes podcasts like 'Being Boss'. This settles you and gives you some brilliant time for personal thought before the madness that is the London tube system. 

Following these steps, in your own personal way, can help the mornings run much more smoothly, relaxing and preparing you for the day ahead. 

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