15 things that are only normal at university.


As me and my friend walked back after our intense eight hour stint in the library at 10pm, we thought it was funny how only in uni is it completely normal to walk past people who are pissed outside of the pub as you are walking back from the library and tomorrow that could be you, depending on how many looming deadlines you have. 

Time at uni is different from normal human time, bed time is study time, 5 hours sleep is considered brilliant, 8 hours in the library is considered normal and breakfast?! more like grab your coffee and run. 

So for the rest of the walk home we each came up with quirky things that most students find completely normal that would be weird in normal day life, here they are..... 

1. Coming back from the library as others are going out and vice versa.

2. The Divide between the Students and Locals is bigger than the North and South divide.

3. Making a big pot of food and having the same meal four nights in a row.

4. Convincing yourself that because you need to walk everywhere it means your super fit.

5. Handing in the work a whole day before the deadline date and feeling like you're on point.

6. Finishing off your essay whilst getting ready to go out.

7. Pasta Is Life.

8. Sleeping in the library more than your bed.

9. Not getting out of your pyjamas for the whole day.

10. Anything can be  classed as breakfast, mainly crisps according to my housemate.

11. Finding different hangover cures is like a science experiment.

12. Going out with 78p in your bank account and coming home drunk.

13. Mum and Dad visit, Food Shop!

14. All semi-dieing in one persons bed to try and piece together what happened last night.

15. Coming downstairs to find someone asleep on the couch and shouting "who's is this?!" 

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