The progression of 2017 and the hopes for 2018.


As 2017 draws to a close the annual round up of 'this years trends and themes' start to manifest. 

Throughout this year, Feminism and the equal rights movement has gathered significant pace along side the normalisation on mental health. This has been unbelievably important in changing the mindset of how we view and respect those around us, as well as ourselves. not to mentioned the rise in younger generations such as my self becoming actively involved with politics and powering the votes. 

Everyone always says yes but we have a long way to go, and we do, but look at what has been achieved so far. In 2018 new legislation will be set to ban the damaging gender stereotypes seen through media platforms such as adverts and TV programs. 

This new legislation sparked a debate I listened to on the radio, do these stereotyped adverts, portrayed as jokes, actually effect how we act in real life. Or does real life effect the adverts. This debate is well up for discussion but whichever way you look at it, these new laws are helping set a good and balanced impression to the next generation. 

I could write a whole blog post on my 'me too' story also but tbh that's really too private for me, however I applaud those both regular and famous who have shared there story. I am happy that they are showing how nearly every single person has a 'me too' story, and how sad it is that there is so much to tell. I hope this continues into 2018 to show to men and women of all ages that this is not ok anymore. 

I am hopeful for 2018 and the speed of progression from what I have seen in 2017, I am also concerned as the same speed has been seen in surreptitious, unlawful behaviour within governments and large organisations, that claim to be for the benefit of all. However through all this I stay positive in the knowledge that 2017's impact and positive progression is only the beginning.

Plus if everything goes tits up, there's still a royal wedding in May.

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