My Birthday Week!


As mentioned in my pervious blog it was in fact my birthday on Tuesday, 10th March!

I had a brilliant weekend back at home with my family, even though it was super hectic...

I got in from the station at about 2am so it was officially my dad's birthday so me and mum decided to give him his presents then, and since I wasn't going to be with them on mine, I opened mine too. I got loads of lovely gifts including Ted Baker earrings (I'm obsessed with Ted Baker), clothes and a fluffy hat which I wore all weekend. One was a joint surprise, we were going 4x4 extreme off roading on the Sunday! Then having afternoon tea in the hotel which was on the same grounds, as it was my granddads birthday that day.

Saturday was spent with my other grandparents as it was my grandmas birthday on Monday (told you it was busy) my mum and of course my dad, the birthday boy. We had a lovely day at Newcastle's quayside having food and drinks at 'the Pitcher and Piano', and looking round the Baltic art gallery. It really made me miss Newcastle as a city. On that night we went for drinks and more food with my parents friends in Tynemouth at Davanti Classico, the food was incredible and it was made in an old train station so the decoration was authentic and really cool.

Sunday was an early start as we needed to drive to Slaley Hall in Northumberland, the activities company 'Allout Adventures' are situated on their vast grounds.

If you know me you'll know I'm not the best driver in the world and I have a problem reaching the pedals because of my miniature hight, and they were going to let me drive a Range Rover! Pardon? Are you sure? Me?
The course was really cool, going right up and back down over steep mounds, wading through deep water, tilting the car right on its side and over rocky terrains. It was just me my dad and the guy who took the course in the car. One of the main things I couldn't get my head around was the fact that I wasn't to press the brakes on the way down the hill! My dad seemed to handle the whole thing pretty well although he was going a bit slow but the car wouldn't let him go mad so it think it was for the best. He was looking like he was really enjoying it, and the tongue was out so I knew he was concentrating really hard.

My turn, look out little pheasants Alanna is driving...
It took a while before we could get going as I had to adjust the seat to the furthest it would go and even then it was a stretch, then there was the challenge of just looking over the wheel! When I eventually set of it was so much fun, I think I was doing really good. I was about 3/4 of the way round the course when suddenly there was a big snapping noise and the accelerator just went! (Oh great, well done Alanna, you broke the car) Well your wrong apparently it had nothing to do with me and the car was really old, So there.

The guy had to ring his boss to bring up another car, So there was a bit of standing around but we didn't mind it was only for like 10 minutes max. Then his boss came bounding over the course in a new automatic Land Rover Defender, Brilliant! I thought, while dad got the old slow car I was going to be tearing it up on this faster beast, and by god was it faster! The rest of the course, and extra because of the problems, was epic. I was a lot better than I thought, even if I did press the accelerator by accident while going down a steep decline and skid a tad, it was still really fun! I'd love to do it again, all the staff were super friendly and so lovely.

Afternoon tea in Slaley hall was really nice too, I was so hungry after driving and there was so much food! I love how I could choose my own tea pot, I was expecting it just to be normal tea but the darjeeling was amazing! So was all the food and the scones, oh I could eat them till I popped. The staff were so lovely and sweet too, really helpful and polite.

Monday day time was spend all day travelling back from Newcastle to uni, I got back at about 6pm and my party was organised to start at 8! My girls helped me with my hair and I knew what I was wearing but I didn't have time to decorate to house but lucky my wonderful housemates bought a balloon and and one of my friends actually made me a home made cake. I also got some lovely cupcakes as a present from Lola's Cupcakes which were delicious! The night was really good, I'm so happy that everyone turned up and it was a brilliant night, even if I did leave at about 1... blame the champagne.

Finally it was my birthday! I woke up, feeling a bit muggy, with breakfast in bed made by my wonderful boyfriend. We then went for a trip to his house in the country in my friends car, as it was sunny and she has a convertible. After I got dressed up, you have to on your birthday, we walked to town and stopped for food and coffee at my favourite coffee shop in Canterbury, The Chocolate Café. Then we done a bit of shopping and went to the cinema.

When we got back my boyfriend has a brilliant idea to use all my sheets, scarfs and drapes to create a fort over my bed with fairly lights and the TV on my coffee table at the end of the bed. It didn't take that long and it looked fab! We ordered dominos and watched a film, the perfect end to a brilliant chilled out birthday, which was needed after the busy weekend.

Its now Friday and I'm really looking forward to skiing in a week!!

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