when did we grow up?


Why when we grow up do we loose that voice in our head which tells us to have fun, and gain a voice that tries to guess what others are thinking about you? 

As we grow we become more aware of our bodies and become self conscious of our 'big' thighs or our 'little pot'. Do you think children are worried about that? Hell no. They just want to dive on that roundabout mid-spin and dance to your own tune, Thats what I think life should be.

Now I don't mean go off and throw away your responsibilities. Go live in a blanket-fort and stuff, Nor do I mean be childish and immature to others. I just think it is important to find the simple things that used to make us happy when we were younger like for me it was singing and dancing, my grandma used to introduce me in a 'royal voice' to all her friends, "Ladies and Gentleman...", and I'd come out from behind the curtain singing and dancing whatever I had just learned that week. I still can't go a day without a little dance or a song, especially when I'm in the house and I'm supposed to be cleaning! Its amazing how much it really does lift your mood.

People like Jim Carrey, who are just one hundred percent in control and comfortable with every part of their body, are an inspiration to me as they don't care about wether or not they may look a bit silly because they are happy and they make others happy too. I say this because my boyfriend and I watched his stand up show ("The un-natural act") from the 90s last night and we were crying laughing, highly Recommend if you want a giggle and it also helps prove my point, if I have one... 

People usually describe me as a constantly happy person but I do still struggle to create my own happiness sometimes. Relying on others to make you happy only leads to being sad when your alone, I believe. If you are happy with your own company you will always be happy. Obviously friends, family or your 'other half' can make you happy too, enormously, but that should be an extension of your happiness not your bases.

There is no way we were born to just work and pay bills, life is too short to not strive for total happiness. You should never give up either, find what makes you happy and doing it as much as you can. Be your inner child and just let go a little. 

Here is a list of things that make me happy, let me know what makes you happy, I'm always looking for more things that make me laugh if anyone has youtube recommendations or something. 

  • Stand up comedians - Jim Carrey, Lee Evans, Eddie Izzard 
  • Dancing - Mainly 60s early 70s music
  • Singing - Anything and anywhere even when I'm shopping
  • Musicals - Hairspray, Chicago, Legally blonde, Rocky horror
  • Funny youtube videos - Cats mainly, or dogs slipping on titles
  • Trying on outfits - My own and in store 
  • Decorating food - Like cupcakes 
  • Making others laugh or smile - Small things mean a lot 

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