New Toy / First Month at New Job


I've had a brilliant first month and met some amazing people along the way. 

My Team are all really cool and everyone is super friendly in the whole office, which is in soho, so I don't feel anywhere near cool enough to be there. 

I've been learning so much and trying to finish every task with the energy and focus to the best of my ability and hopefully making a good first impression, there are talks of traveling with work in the forthcoming months so thats super exciting too. 

So since its been a month I got my first pay last week! with this I treated myself to a new toy! 

I was round my friends house and she had a Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid camera, we talked about how when taking a picture with your phone or a modern camera that you can retake and retake photos until  you are happy, but with a polaroid you are comparing and unaltered unfiltered pictured. 

Although I thought the picture size was a bit small due to it being the 'mini' version. I thought the camera was a brilliant revamped version of the old style ones at less then half the price! 

So a few days later I was on Amazon looking and new and used wide angled polaroids. I got mine pre-owned but barely used along with 4 photo sheets. 

It arrived about a week later and i set it up and took the first photo within about 5mins... Harry looking happy as ever. 

I then look it to London with me as seen in my previous blog and got some wonderful photos. 

Since then me and Harry took it to our day out in Windsor, only fault I would say is its so heavy to carry round for a whole day. 

Over all I'm completely obsessed and love love love it! I can't wait to capture some lasting memories for the future! 

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