Shopping in London


 Doing the 9-5 is tough for a student who is used to getting up in the afternoon, lucky I'm not the only one in my class who decided to take a placement year.

We are both working close to London so at the weekend we decided to meet in London for a catch up, and boy was it hot! So glad I decided to wear a playsuit, although the flip flops were a BIG mistake. I severely underestimated the amount of walking to be done. 

We were also on a mission to find the nicest smoothie place in London, we started in coven garden and before finding a lovely juice place in Neal's Yard We got heavily distracted be the amazing colouring decorations on the houses. Future house goals. 

We slowly sauntered to soho and on the way stumbled upon a personal shopping day in oasis, I usually don't shop in there myself but the guy was really helpful, and we got free sweeties! Bargain! 

I'm not sure if it was in Covent Garden still or soho but somewhere around there we found another juice place called Juice&Public as well as another smoothie I got the halloumi chicken with caramelised onion chutney, which was heaven and refuelled me for the shopping ahead. (checking out my polaroids? New Blog due on my new toy)

After more shopping in soho and Oxford street we were in John Lewis and saw they just opened a roof top garden, I've always wanted to go to a roof top garden in London and it was the perfect weather for it too, pimms in the sun high above Oxford street, bliss.

After another juice sample from an organic stall on Oxford street, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Selfridges, because well, you need that long in there, it's huge. 

Limping back to Covent Garden we were both totally spent and went for food in the restaurant above the main square of Covent Garden, which was lovely and classy, even if I did nearly choke on the price of my £12 pasta, which was the cheapest thing on the menu. 

Apart from my feet being practically black and blue it was a really good day, I only bought a few things which is good for a shopaholic like me, and most of my money went on food and smoothies. 

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