Centre Parcs or The Truman Show?


I have just recently came back from a relaxing SPA weekend with my main gal Beth.

We were looking for a relaxing SPA retreat but still with things to do, Centre Parcs was a brilliant idea because it had the SPA day that we wanted at a reasonable price and the rest of the 'Village' was a bonus. 

We arrived late on the Friday so we just ordered indian takeaway in bed... because were crazy like that. 

Saturday morning I dragged Beth to Yoga at 9am. I have been loving my weekly yoga classes and I am really starting to get into the whole meditation thing, really helps  the mind to organise itself the rest of the week, anyway I'm going off topic. 

Walking around the man made, just a bit too clean, 'forest' and the Disneyland-like village complete with a Starbucks and a pancake palace, made me feel like I was in that film 'The Truman Show'. 

Our Saturday was spent playing badminton, spending the afternoon in the water park and squeezing in a small workout before lunch. 

On Sunday all of my troubles in the whole world were washed away in the AMAZING SPA, seriously, it was like a maze of different themed steam rooms and saunas, an out door swimming pool and water beds! I've never been more relaxed in my life. 

We also included some treatments, beth had a facial which she loved and I have a back massage, due to the fact that I've had a lot of sports massages it felt a little weak for me, but it was really relaxing, up until the end when she put some cold tingling stuff on... that woke me up for sure. 

Over all I would recommend my centre parcs experience if you are in a family or large family group, it really does have something for everyone. For myself and Beth the SPA was perfect so i would go again, maybe just for a SPA day though. 

Here's a picture of me pretending that I know what I'm doing... 

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