You can visit all the exotic countries you want and view the most beautiful landscapes but you should never miss the beauty that is in your own back yard. 

Derwent Water

England has some amazing locations that people "will get round to visiting one day" but then end up saving their pennies for a flight towards garenteed sun. 

Since I was little myself and my parents have always 'camped' and 'caravan-ed' nearly every weekend when we could and I think we have been to every site going in the north of England. Although it was 'un-cool' to be picked up from school on a Friday in a jam packed car. I loved hiking and cycling around Northumberland and The Lake District, my whining would suggest otherwise, but I did.  

I have recently came back from a two night camping trip in The Lake District with my boyfriend and it was brilliant, we hit lucky and had clear dry days, which is rare in that area. 


He is from Kent and had never visited the area before, Keswick (a town within The Lake District) being the place where I spent a lot of my childhood with family and school trips, I had to show him. 

We found a lovely little campsite just outside of the town near 'Derwent Water' Lake, One of the most beautiful lakes in the district and filled with water sports and boats to hire. We arrived at 'Castlerigg Manor Camping and Caravanning park' mid afternoon and pitched our tent to look right across the lake facing the sunset. Perfect for having a BBQ, playing cards and having a few drinks, that was until the mini gas stove set alight and we just went to the pub instead... but never mind. 

View of the sunset from our tent

We set off the next morning, bellies full with bacon and sausages (done on a disposable BBQ, after the gas cooker got launched across the field), we hiked up Skidaw one of the many high peeks at 931 meters (above sea level), it was tough but we both agreed we felt so much better for it afterwards. Hiking is great like that, while your doing it you will do anything to be carried back to the nearest cafe but once its done you feel brilliant, if a little windswept. 

Climbing Skidaw 

We spent the rest of the day looking round the lake and the town before heading back with a newly bought BBQ to have dinner, mulled wine, and marshmallows over a fire. Who needs a sun tan anyway. 

The rest of the trip was just as fun and I have had a lovely time back home in the north east its great to spend time with my family and loved ones.

My Granddad

If you haven't been to Northumbria or The Lake District, as many of my southern friends haven't I urge you to go and see for yourself how beautiful the north really is, its not just old coal mines and football hooligans I swear.

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