My Favourite Motivational Inspirations.


As you guys know I'm really getting into my career lately and I love  motivational people and blogs that really help me focus on work and life. So I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you today. 

Oprah Winfrey 

I always thought Oprah was just a talk show host, but she’s so much more. She has an amazing outlook on life. She has an amazing sense of clarity and centeredness which drives her to be “The best possible version of yourself” I was looking for motivational business women that I could aspire to one boring night and I came across an interview she did at the Stanford Graduate school of Business (link below) and it blew my mind. I implore you to take some time and watch this interview and I guarantee you, it will motivate you in whatever you are doing in life. 

Sheryl Sandberg 

COO of Facebook she is a strong and accomplished woman. I first found her speech on (link below), about leadership and women in the business workplace. For me personally I found it amazingly refreshing that she didn’t talk about how unfair the work place is for women but that fact that even if these opportunities are open, women do not put themselves forward enough for fear of overreaching or having to abandon their maternal instincts in the home. I am currently about ¼ of the way trough her book ‘Lean In - Women, work and the will to lead’, which I have been reading on my commute into work and back, so far I think it is brilliant; she is an amazing and aspiring woman.

Bunny - AKA Grav3yardgirl 

She isn’t a CEO or an international businesswoman; she is a YouTube Vlogger for fashion, makeup and product testing. I know that there are many similar online bloggers but I love Bunny’s enthusiasm for everything, she teaches be that you should not be afraid of being a bit weird and totally yourself without being worried of what others may think of you. I have linked her page below so go check her out! I promise her chirpy nature will brighten up your day. 

Stephanie Shirley 

 Stephanie is another woman I found on (Link Below), she talks about her life story and how she creating a woman’s only company in the 1060s that went on to fit the first ‘black box’ on the concord airline. She has had a harrowing life and a great sense of humour, which is brilliant to listen to. In days when women had fewer rights in the work place she challenged conventions to become one incredible woman. 

Career Girl Daily 

Not a specific person, but a blog, which is contributed to by many different businesswomen. I follow them on mainly all of their social media; they are great if you just need little bits of motivation throughout your day. They are incredible stylish and sleek with some tips that have really helped me in the past, not just with my career but health and fitness too. 

I hope my favourite inspirations help others, please comment if you know of any others who motivate you. 

Alanna x 

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