New House!


I’ve been meaning to blog since last week but I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time to catch my breath!

I’ve had a lot of changes recently, as mentioned in previous problems I have had terrible trouble with finding a house to rent but we found a place finally, it was all very fast and we were in within the fortnight.

On Tuesday Morning we set of at 8am from my home in the North East with a long drive and a busy day ahead. We picked up the keys, and moved my stuff from storage and were all in by 8pm. My lovely parents bought us a bottle of Moët to celebrate our move so we ordered the biggest pizza I’ve ever had!

Both me and Harry are very much into interior decorating and as it is rented we cant change much, the house is 70s red brick and a little dark but its nothing that mirrors can’t brighten.  I am a bohemian hippy and heart and my house really reflects that, I love the mix of patterns and colours in the living room, the brown leather sofa is from my parents and really makes to room cosy along with the tapestry. The rug was actually picked out by Harry from ‘the British heart foundation’ store in town, vintage looking but our house is quite an eclectic mix so it suits us.


I have an obsession with incense sticks and tea lights so if you walk into our little end of terrace miniature house you may think you have travelled to Arabia. The empty bottle of Moët now sits on the tabletop with a candle in it, I saw in a restaurant where an old bottle was covered in wax so I’m hoping to do that. 

Our bedroom is basically a walk in wardrobe with a bed in it, which is fine by me. A bedroom should be a room that you sleep in, not chill out in, that’s what the living room is for. I have decorated it a little with pin boards and photos of friends and family.

I really like our house now that it suits us, its far out of town and we have to drive or get taxis a lot but its so nice to have a whole house and not just a room.  Moving in with a partner can be daunting but I think the trick is to still lead your own lives and try not to do everything together, because you WILL get sick of each other and that is when things become tense.

I hope this house gives us some wonderful memories this forthcoming year, it will be difficult moving back to Kent without Harry but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So yeah that’s my house! I am always on Pinterest and these are my favourite pins of interior design… follow me on Pinterest to see more. I do not own any of these images.

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