My first week being an Intern


 This is it! I have started on my career journey, Monday was my first day as the ‘Western Europe Communications Intern’ at Nike Ltd.

The night before was spent watching motivational videos on and relaxing in a candle lit bath reading a brilliant book I was lent be my wonderful friend called ‘How to be Parisian’, or I was relaxing before I dropped my phone and got the book wet (Sorry Hannah)… amazingly the phone worked fine but I put the hair drier on it just to be sure.

Commuting takes me about an hour and a half, and I never get a seat on the train, which is fine in the morning but on the way home I get tempted to just seat myself on the floor.  To save money I make the journey from Marylebone to the office on foot, which takes about half an hour but it’s better than being on the crowded tube and its good for me, although my poor legs and blisters disagree.

WARNING, Never where new shoes on your first day! They were so harsh I went through a pack of 5 blister plasters! Or maybe the pumps from New Look are made from steel, I don’t know.

I have only been with them for a few days and this is a quiet time of year for the team but they are all so lovely and are making me feel really as ease. The whole look and feel of the office is every sleek and modern, which is brilliant to work in. I am sort of glad that it is quiet at the moment as it gives me time to learn the ropes before it all goes apparently mad in September. 

As for Office wear, I kept an eye out on my interview day what people wear wearing as the contract said ‘Smart-Casual’ which everyone hates as it is ridiculously vague. Below should be some pictures of my outfits with week.


Its been ready murky weather in London recently, which is not fun for my walking commute but it means I’m not missing out on any sun while I’m in the office! See there is literally a Brightside to everything! As the song from Monty Python says “If life seams jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten”. I totally believe this and I’m planning on doing a whole over blog on my favourite positive motivational people and sayings etc.

I feel like I’m off to a great start here and can’t wait for the exciting things to come!

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