Pancake Day!


Yep, its that time of year again where we think "we can do this!" Yes this year my pancakes will look like those served at restaurants and funky coffee shops. My housemate set about buying some ready made mix for me (the worst cook ever) and the normal ingredients for her, she really wanted to make american style ones.

This obviously did not go as planned...

My first one was so thick and gooey it was described as a mash potato pancake, straight in the bin.

One bottle of pancake mix is supposed to make 6 pancakes, for a normal person. for me it made one large failure and 4 small thin crêpes.

Don't even get me started on the flipping part... flipping awful! ( if you pardon the pun)

2 hours and one very messy kitchen later our masterpieces were done!

Let me know how your pancake day went, tweet me at @_AlannaJade  x

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