As I mentioned in a previous post I recently bought 'GREY', the telling of '50 Shades of Grey' from Christians point of view. It took me all of two days to finish the book, I only finished it earlier today so I thought I would write this now as my memory would put a gold fish to shame. 

Reading this you get to understand more about him, obviously, things that he wouldn't dare tell Ana for eden Dr. Flynn. The First thing that struck me about Christian's thoughts is the way in which he felt about her when they first met. You begin to understand that his infatuation with her just as strong as she to him. 

I found it quite amusing the way he lusted over her, are all guys so sexually driven? stupid question. 

His nightmares and dreams really show how hard his younger life was and how traumatic it must have been for him, therefore giving more of an explanation as to why he is the way he is. 

If you have already read 50 Shades it is no surprise what happens during, which makes you think 'oh I know whats going on here!' particularly with the Leila situation. 

It makes you want to sit with both books and cross reference .

It finishes a little later then Ana's story, sort of over lapping into the second book. It was especially interesting to see how he coped when she left and his evolving feelings, with the help of Dr. Flynn of course. 

For anyone who has read the trilogy I would strongly recommend this book, and I especially implore those of you who have seen the tragic portrayal of this book in the cinema to read it. 

In my opinion the film showed Grey in a cold harsh light and I do not blame the people who believe it glorifies abusive relationships, even if that is an over exaggeration, but I digress. 

Overall I would give this book 7/10, Due to the fact that since the first book came out I have read many others that have been substantially better, however its the story line and the character of Ana that I love to read about. 

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