Notes to my 13 year old self.


Time-hop and Facebook's new 'On this day' application are brilliant for sharing old memories or reminding you of that terrible hair cut. This made me think of what I was like when I was young, the person behind the pictures, and I must be honest, it was quite different. I was desperate to be liked and to be accepted, I hid behind a shallow front a lot and only felt myself when I was at home. 

As many people would agree, there are many things that I wish I knew ,or had done differently. So with the frustrating power of hindsight I write to my younger self on somethings that I have learnt, or learnt not to do, while going through my younger teenage years. 

1. Not everything is external - happiness cannot be bought, there is more to life than your external looks and its ok to be individual.

2.  Don't try and "fit in" at the expense of losing who you are, just because you're different. 

3. Stand up for yourself more god damn it! Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. 

4. Actually wanting to learn and being engaging in lessons isn't uncool, your not a nerd just because you want to learn. 

5. Stick to your principles, people may not agree but at least they will respect you more than being a push over. 

6. Read more books and less magazines.

7. You don't need a boyfriend, you are fine on your own.

8. Your school life will not define you, 8 years later and no one gives a monkeys. 

9. Loose the thick 'emo/scene' eye liner, you look like a depressed panda... seriously. 
(Example of panda eyes - Not cool)

I had this same discussion with my friends and all of them came up with some really good thoughts, it was reassuring to see that some were similar. Here are some below direct from the conversation; 

Don't worry you will get a 'snog'.


You will end up with fitter and with a better life than *insert name of that girl here*.

Don't play basketball. Your fingers are far too flexible. You will break your fingers, it hurts.

Don't panic that you haven't got a boyfriend.

Be less hard on yourself.

Stop caring what people think because they probably don't care.

Don't worry the "cool" kids are now all pregnant, and your on four holidays a year. 

Don't eat 5 American pancakes for breakfast with 4 rashers of bacon every day. It'll catch up with you in sixth-form.

Teach yourself to work hard now, because you're going to need to work a lot harder later.

Don't be so bloody moody all at time.

It seems everyone regrets something about their teenage years, had something they wish knew or acted a little differently.

However wonderful hindsight is, the lessons we learnt now make us who we are today. I didn't particularly like who I was, but it is not who I am.

If I were to tell myself that by 21 I would be nearing my third year at university in Kent (especially in Business(!)); managed to land myself a killer Internship and one of the most recognisable brands in the world; be working in the centre of London and living with my soul mate... Well, I think I would have fainted.

What would you tell yourself? 

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