DIY Haberdashery


I've always been interested in patterns and material but I've never really had the sewing skills other than your standard knowledge. So when I was in town a few weeks ago and I picked up some really cool material on sale in an independent sewing shop in Canterbury I needed an idea of what to do with it. 

Its been sitting in my sewing box, which I got from my grandmother a few weeks back as a house warming gift (Below), until i finally got some cushions from wilkos and I decided I was going to use the material to make some simple yet decorative pillows for the new house. 


I had to wait till I was back home in the north east so I could use my grandmothers sewing machine (other grandmother from before), I thought I would only have enough for one pillow per material but it turned out I had more then enough! 

The process was really simple and my mother worked the machine because she is much better then I, but you basically just measure out the size of the cushion and and sew to size BUT you MUST sew this inside out unless you will see the seam. 

So with the other material my mother had the brilliant idea of sewing right around the edge to make one large pillow. We then filled it with stuffing from old pillows that we re-plumped by ripping all the cotton wool into small pieces before stuffing them into the newly made massive pillow. A brilliant idea if you don't know what to do wit your old flat pillows!

The idea is that this large pillow will go on the floor next to the coffee table and be used as a soft floor seat, inspired by my many trips to asian tea shop where you sit on the floor. 

While I was buying my material I also decided to make a slip to go under a sheer beach dress, so that I could make it into a normal dress to wear everyday. I am still in the process of finishing this off but I'm nearly there!

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