Students in Rhodes!


Yep thats right! Myself and my two best friends hit the road once again. 

If you follow me on any social media you would know that I have just got back from the lovely greek island of Rhodes, as I have been #HolidaySpamming every second I got free wifi. Seriously it was  practically the only reason we visited restaurants and snack bars.. that and the cocktails. 

We were planning on going to Madrid but this offer came up online and we were all booked that afternoon. We stayed in a lovely family hotel in Pefkos about an hours drive away from Rhodes. 

The whole island was beautiful, it looked like something out of "Mama Mia" (we googled, it wasn't that island) we did some sightseeing but most of our time was spent 'slothing' around by the pool or on the beach, we hit lucky with good weather and we got out just before the kids all came for half term. 

Lindos was the next little resort along from us, it was an old white washed town with narrow winding streets and roof top bars next to the sea. Looking over the amazing town is the 'Acropolis' which you can walk up to by foot or take the local transport, a donkey. I know I say this a lot but the whole place was beautiful and I loved every minute of it there, I even bought a greek style dress from a small stall owned by the sweetest greek old lady to sweet talked me into buying it. 

Rhodes town is sectioned into the old walled area and the new, we mainly looked around the old part as we didn't have time and it was much more appealing. The old streets and shops were amazingly preserved it was like stepping back in time, the constant bombardment of hasslers trying to get you into their shops and restaurants was a pain but you get that everywhere.

As mentioned I have always been interested in film making and editing etc and I have been planning to do a lot more video blogs rather then written ones.

 So instead of me rambling on about the holiday I have made a short video of our trip with an added bonus on the end, while we were there we decided to take a friendship test and play 'who is most likely too...'. This was great fun to film, as was the whole trip, I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to comment of my terrible editing skills from my collage B-tec degree. 

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