De-stress with a colouring book! - June Haul.


So I've been bought a few things this month that I am in love with and just had to share. I've seen people doing youtube monthly haul videos so i thought I'd do a similar type of thing on here... 

THE MINDFULNESS COLOURING BOOK'Anti-stress art therapy for busy people' by Emma Farrarons is one of the best books I have bought in a while. You may think colouring is for children but this book is made for adults.
She mentions that "busy people do not always take a moment to pause and take a moment to stop and be 'mindful' can make us feel calmer, less stressed and more at peace... The act of carefully colouring and attentively filling in the pages of intrinsic patterns with colour is perfectly suited to mindful meditation".
I bought this in a service station (as well as a pack of coloured pencils) on the way back up to the North East, which is a six hour journey, so I had a lot of time to focus. When I was colouring I forgot about everything as I focused on the lines and the patterns, I fully recommend this to anyone who is looking for ways to take a break from life for a few minutes.

  (6 hours of colouring)

D&G L'IMPÉRATRICE 3 - I mentioned in my makeup video / blog that I bought this in duty free before going to Greece, I forgot how much i loved it and how long it lasts. It is my everyday perfume and works great for a night out too as it is strong but not overpowering, the bottle also lasts for ages, if you don't break it like I did with my last one.

BARE MINERALS 'GET STARTED' KIT - Everyone knows how much I go on about Bare Minerals and how much I love it, I needed some new brushes and it is so much cheaper the get this kit instead of the individual pots which are usually about £20 per pot! This comes with everything you need and a DVD of handy tips, perfect if your new to the brand. 

EOS LIP BALM - I have been looking for this lip balm everywhere! The only place I have found is Topshop, and even then the lady said they kept selling out. It smells so nice doesn't really show any colour so its great to use under lipstick. I have found that it doesn't really help with dry lips so maybe don't use this if you have chapped lips. 

TOPSHOP LIPSTICK & NAIL VARNISH - They had a sale and I couldn't resist! They were all £1 and £2 so I picked up these two colours. The lipstick is a really deep purple it may be a bit too bold for me, I haven't tried it on myself yet so it might not look nice I'm unsure at the moment. The nail varnish colour I love as it looks 70s which is on of my favourite looks at the minute. 

GREY, E L JAMES - Yes I'm one of those people who have read all the books and seen the movie as soon as it came out, I know I'm sad, and the english in it is terrible BUT I still can't wait to see what the story is like from his point of view! I always wonder what goes on in mens heads and its always good to get both sides of a story, I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks for reading and as always get in touch I'd love some feedback, all my social media is at the top right of my blog.

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