Packing Day


Hi, Just a quick post. I have been busy packing all day and I'm not even going till Tuesday, the problems of being indecisive. I only have 15kg so making sure I don't over-pack as usual is essential, we all know we pack at least 4 outfits we never wear, or is that just me?

Myself and my two friends, the same to I went to Barcelona with are off jet setting again! This time we are off to the island of Rhodes in Greece, unlike the last holiday where we were running round for three days trying to cram all our sites in, we will be relaxing poolside with sangria, my kind of holiday. One of the girls (On the left) has just came back from america and is currently in a jet-lag induced coma at my feet.. it must be a hard life, all these holidays. 

If you are incredibly bored sometime check out our video from our last holiday,


we are hoping to video as much as we can this holiday and maybe dance to another song, I have a much better editing software now so hopefully it won't be as terrible.

Below are some of my favourite outfits that I've packed and I can't wait to wear with a tan!

Tomorrow myself and my friend are off to London to see the 'S club 7' tour! I'm beyond excited and will definitely be posting about it so keep reading to find out if it match up to my 7 year old self's expectations.

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