Minimalist Bohemian.


So I haven't posted in a while, it seams like I always open with that sentence. I have re-designed the look of my blog today, so I hope you like it. The reason I haven't been posting is your typical student excuse, no not drinking, essays. I've now finished my second year of university after practically living in the library so I'm free as a bird until I start my new job in June as mentioned in my updated 'about me' page. 

I often find that I go through fazes of loving certain things, as i guess most people do. Recently I have became obsessed with all things Bohemian, now I know when you when you think of bohemian you think of a dirty hippy living in a tree and smoking pot. Well not necessarily, I have been following some amazing boards on Pinterest and discovered this new modern 'sleek' type of bohemian designed houses and clothing. 

Myself and my close friend went shopping last week and all we bought were white or light coloured clothing for the summer, I myself bought more bohemian looking items, as seen in photo below. As I grow I find myself craving more of a clean bright look to my living space as I feel it reflects my mood especially when I'm trying to work.

 As you know if your read my blog I'm due to move in with my long term boyfriend within the next two months, its taking a while to get the moving date as there is a few problems with the electric or something dull... But when we do I'll be sure to share my interior design skills with you! 

Its a small flat so we are looking to maximise the storage and keep it as clean and spacious as possible, follow me on Pinterest to see some of our ideas and if you can think of any more tel me know!

So I have added a few of my favourite looks below for myself and my ideal house, all can be found on Pinterest. Leave a comment below or   contact me on social media and let me know your favourite looks.

Disclose: None of the images from Pinterest are my own, they are from boards I follow, Links can be found under this. 

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