Ain't no party like an S Club party!


I have loved S club 7 since I was a little girl and yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to see them in their "bring it all back" tour! 

I've been spamming all my social media with videos and pictures so if you follow me you know how excited I was. 

The main reason I love S club is the positive vibe and the happiness that they bring: don't stop, never give up, hold your head high, and reach the top! Practically my life rules right there.

So instead of me just rambling on I've created a little video that I made simply on iMovie, it may be terrible as I've been running around like a crazy woman all day trying to get everything sorted of holiday tomorrow !! So apologies for that but give me money to buy 'Adobe Final cut pro' and I assure you it would be better... maybe. 

Sorry its so late at night posting this, today has been crazy busy. x

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