My 5 books for spiritual beginners


I would say my 'spiritual journey' if you want to call it that, started in my placement year of uni and came through the platform of the Oprah show, where she often talks to inspirational individuals. This introduced me to an array of motivational and spiritual speakers, this interest can be seen though my past posts. These particular books below are ones I have either read or listen to on audiobooks on my work commute. 

The Alchemist 
By Paulo Coelho, I have a whole other blog post dedicated to this book that you can read here. This was my first book in 'spiritual' genre and a great book to start off with as it is short and story based rather than non-fiction. 

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams
By Deepak Chopra, I can't remember exactly how I came about this book but I believe it was though seeing and interview with him that made me want to read the book. This particular book I read with a pen and paper to hand because there were so many though provoking points I did not want to forget. I won't ruin the book by telling you exactly what the 7 rules are, you'll have to read it to find out. 

Practical Spirituality: How to Use Spiritual Power to Create Tangible Results
By James Arthur Ray, This book is an odd one as it is much more based on materialistic results than the others, and James Arthur Ray's methods have been somewhat controversial to say the least. However I am glad I read, or rather listened to this one, as his enthusiasm and ideals on trying to be the best version of yourself at all times. 

White Hot Truth 
By Danielle LaPorte, Danielle's point of view is different from the other books that I have read / listened to as she has not put herself above her readers. She has noted herself that the book is from 'one seeker to another' on their own spiritual journey. As someone that has been to, it seams, most of the self help classes available it is a refreshing book that describes the positives and negatives of her particular journey. This book is for those who have been on the path for a while just feel overloaded with opposing opinions and believes, White Hot Truth can help you un-learn and get back to the basic's of what is really at the heart of most spiritual teachers lessons.

The Power of Now 
By Eckhart Tolle, this is by far the longest out of all of the books and the one that is closest to the real raw meaning of spiritual enlightenment, in my opinion. The best and most unique thing about this book is he allows everything mentioned to be questions, invites it almost even, so he can educate you further. Its almost as if he predicates when you will have thoughts of doubt or confusion and stops the book to clear your thought, making the learning easier. Out of all the books I would say this one was the most profound for me, as it has been for many others, and I can't recommend it enough. 

Alanna. x 

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