Weekend In Paris


Recently I was in Paris over a weekend for a work event, I have only been once before when I was about 10 and all I could remember is that it was freezing. 

I was working on the event a lot so I didn't have to much free time, and when I did i just wanted to sleep, due to the early mornings (like a 4am start for the Eurostar!) and the late nights I got about 5 hours a night, which makes for a grumpy Alanna. 

The event was during the final few days of Paris fashion week, so basically I spent a whole weekend feeling like a potato. 

We stayed at the Pullman hotel which was amazing and a stones through away from the Eiffel Tower, I'm not exaggerating, we were one single street away from the base! 

Despite my lack of sleep I woke up early on the Saturday (I know, who flipping does that!?) to go for a quite walk over to the Eiffel Tower, although I was falling asleep later in the day it was totally worth it. 

It was about 7.30am so the sun was just rising, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and at that time most tourists are still in bed or scoffing croissant's. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, it was really really beautiful. I tried to FaceTime harry but of course it was 6.30am at home and there was no way he was going to wake up, but i did get some wonderful pictures. 

Aside from my love of the Eiffel Tower my second love is the architecture of Paris, the chic Parisian town houses with the long windows and the attention to detail makes every part of paris seem like it is really loved by someone. 

The Parisians are great, they are really friendly and so carefree, there driving is brilliant from an english persons point of view, there must be driving laws but it seems no one really pays attention, its all about slowing edging your way into that gap of wherever you want to go. 

I would really love to live in Paris one day, although fashion week was really daunting for this northern girl, it opened my eyes to a world I thought was only over exaggerated in films and magazines. 

Not been to Paris? You must go, from the UK the Eurostar is just as simple as getting on a regular mainline train and your in the centre  within a few hours. 


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