Goodbye University


Seems a bit late to be writing about finishing university when I officially sat my last exam on the 3rd of May, but I guess it only really set in when, instead of returning to Canterbury to move into yet another house, I was walking the central aisle of the cathedral in my cap and gown and enjoying a glimpse of uni life one last time.

Not to say I wont be returning to Kent as my other halves family live there so will no doubt be visiting. 

2017 has been one of those years I will always remember, although at the moment it is only November so exciting things may still happen, I know I'm officially into the next step in my life, my 20's #dontwanttoadult. Back in January I was gearing up for my final coursework deadlines and applying for graduate job like mad, there has been a lot of tears, a lot of laughs and a lot of reflection on the past 4 years with my friends. 

Although I finish university a year later than most of my peers I can 100% say it was worth it, as noted my other blog posts my internship was the best thing I ever did, it made me work hard and get a clearer understanding of what I wanted to become, and what I didn't. Uni has taught me to stand on my own two feet, rely on myself and believe in myself. As well as have patience, understanding and love for those around me. 

when I talk about my life before university I almost feel as if I'm talking about a past life, or about someone else's life. 

One thing no one tells your about finishing uni though, is the sudden realisation you may not be a PR/Marketing/Media mogul by the time your 23, contrary to what Instagram portrays. This is the lifting of that millennial vial, that not everything is instantaneous.

Since moving home, moving back in with my parents, moving back up north, its all been a bit of a re-culture shock to be honest. Getting back into the swing of the North East life was not easy for either me or my partner. Even more so for him considering he was born and raised in the south. It's like a whole other country away from London! 

2017 and university has been life-altering. Thank you to all my friends I made along the way, and for the friends I still have today. Special thank you to my family, which now includes my boyfriend (that I met one week after freshers after telling everyone I was not going to get into a relationship at uni). He has been my perfectly imperfect Ying to my Yang. 

I wish to start blogging more in the future hopefully, but not for the purpose of likes, followers and whatever else I was desperate to be other than myself, but just for my own amusement and peace of mind. 

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