University Ski Club Trip


Pas De La Casa, what a place! what a week!

I turned up at the local pub at 7pm with all my ski gear only knowing my three other friends and I was so nervous, we had to play the whole getting to know you games like ‘Hey I’m Alanna and I come from Newcastle’ so that people could remember who I was.
By the end of the week I was known as ‘King of the North’ a GOT reference and ‘Hammy’ the squirrel from the film ‘Over the hedge’ due to my extreme hyper-ness and my fast talking.

The first and biggest thing that worried me was the society’s rules, I am a fresher still at uni so I knew I was going to get penalised so that didn’t help. Examples of some of the rules were…

·         Claim  – If you say “I will…” “I would…” or “I’m going to…” and someone else shouts “CLAIM!” then you have to do whatever you just said unless you got a slit shaved out of your eyebrow! Luckily I never got claimed but the coach trip back was full of part missing eyebrows, which the border control must have found absolutely hilarious, or extremely odd.

·         Mine  –   this word was out of bounds, if you got caught saying it you had to do ten press ups, so for the whole holiday you would have people trying to catch you out by saying things like ‘whose is this?’ etc.

And then of course the following rules result in having to down your drink…

  •  No right hand drinking
  • No saying the word ‘Drink’
  • Your drink had to be finger length away from the edge of the table
  • If someone could tap under your drink
I’m not sure if there were others but these are the ones I can remember, by the end of the week I had got the hang of it even after singing ‘sweet child O’mine’ at the top of my lungs, my arms still hurt. Oh well when at uni!

Nevertheless the trip wasn’t all about drinking!!!

Pas De La Casa Is one of the nicest places I have skied, I have been skiing since I was three years old and been nearly every year since, I love it, it’s such good exercise and I love planning my routes out and being adventurous. 

Usually I go with my parents so skiing is just the three of us but with the university we were skiing in groups of 10 and 15 which was good in a sense of, you can all share this experience and you look out for each other etc.  

On the other hand it is hard to ski properly when everyone is bombing down at once, proven by my cracked goggles (I didn’t crash they were in someone’s backpack and they stacked it) which was an excuse to go shopping for some new ones anyway :) .

The runs themselves were quite quiet and vast, we were there for a whole week and I think we only managed ¾ of the ski range!

So much I can say but there is only so much I can describe, Just Go !! 

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