5 tips for women when travelling.


Just a quick post while I'm on the train traveling home for the family birthday weekend. I say family because its my dad's birthday tomorrow, then my grandma's the day after then my granddad's and mine connectively afterwards. Yep I'm 20 on Tuesday! I don't want to grow up I still feel about 15...

Anyway I digress, I was at the station waiting for my late train to London and I was thinking of what I was once told about women traveling alone.

I can't remember who told me unfortunately but I think it was mainly about women in the victorian era... never the less women have moved on from then and we are a strong independent feminist movement, or something like that. So therefore I stress that the tips are not specific to woman, they are just from my point of view, and I'm a woman, so, there.

These are the rules to which I follow when I am travelling alone.

1. Always keep one hand free.
It helps with expected things like doors and ticket barriers and not so expected things also, its always good to be prepared.

2. Always carry a scarf.
Sounds odd but you can use it to cover the contents of your bag if you have one of those trendy bags without a zip or lock. Also if it rains it can keep your important stuff dry, like your phone.

3. Walk with a purpose.
This is mainly if you have to walk at night or your in a foreign place. Even if your just shopping, if you look like your walking with a purpose people tend to bother you less.

4. Don't trust pockets.
Coat pockets are usually large and are an easy pray for pick pockets or just for your stuff to fall out. also back trouser pockets, especially not your phone, you risk loosing it or sitting on it and you know one of them is going to happen. Or you'll forget its there drop it down the toilet like I did... twice, TWICE?!

5. Give yourself time.
For the love of god please give yourself time people! There is nothing worse than running for your train in heels, dragging your bouncing suitcase behind you. I'm the type of person who will arrive half an hour early for everything, but thats because I know what I'm like. My best friend will have a lecture at 11 and wake up 20 minutes before hand ... how the hell does she do that!?

There it is, my five rules whenever I am travelling, which is a lot lately. I'm off to have a frantically busy weekend I hope you have a lovely one too.

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