"Love Liberates" - Maya Angelou


People always tell me I love too much, tell me I wear my heart on my sleeve, is it a bad thing? Now I know that in my past being too open has left me drained, drained of my hope, my love and of my personality. But I always re-fill my cup.

My mother has always told me I tell people too much about my self and that people will always take advantage of that, well I say no, they have, and they will, but not always, not everyone. Yes people have harmed me, emotionally blackmailed me, but I am learning and happiness is not the destination, it is the path.

I was always confused by this idea, I thought; “why do I have to diminish myself and subdue my personality for the benefit of others, why do I have to dumb myself and numb myself for the comfort of others?”

I grew up in a school of put downs and confrontations, but I also grew up in a house of praises and love. From this I have been low but I have always risen again and my hope of humanity has never diminished. I have always been a happy little soul as my grandmother calls me, this happiness is not the laughter and the smile on the outside, this happiness is that of gratitude and love on the inside. So that I can happy even when it rains. 

I have now in my house a poster that reads, “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened, Happiness can never decrease from being shared. - Buddha” 

From this I shall live and I shall love with compassion, in the hope this love with return but not in the presumption that it should or even ever will, but am loved, and I feel loved, by my family, my boyfriend and by my friends. If for some reason you do not, just know that the universe loves you and is always showing you, but sometimes you have to look for it, and thats called being positive, and seeing these opportunities and not letting them pass you by. 

Newton's Third law of motion - "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." So make your action love. 


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