Smoothies :)


Hey :)

I bought a blender the other day in Wilkinson's for £4.90 in an attempt to be more healthy, and I've always wanted one.

I used:

5 Strawberries 
hand full of red berries 
hand full of blue berries
3 scoops of berry ice-cream (Not healthy I know if you want healthier use ice or milk)  

All from Sainsbury's... just because its only over the road.

In the first picture there are other items to because im planning on making some other flavours. :) 

Here I used this pack of mixed berries and some extra strawberries from another punnet.

To put it in blunt terms, I put all of the ingredients in the beaker and blended it with the hand blender, this is why I love making these they are so easy and quick! 

And then... Ta-da! One quick, healthy(ish) and tasty smoothie! I know it doesn't look amazing but it really did taste it! :)

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