The Power of Positivity and Productivity



I read somewhere once that if you think positively your day will be 10% more productive. 

I really believe that a positive mind can have a really good impact on my motivation and productiveness, this and coffee but I'm cutting down on that now because I don't want to rely on it. 

At the moment I am on a sort of mission to 'cleanse' my room of negative energy hence my happiness poster and other such things like that also keeping it clean, tidy and aired really helps, stuffy rooms are horrible to sleep and work in.

No matter what situation I am in, I always try to see the positive in the situation because I feel if you don't you can be stuck in a sort of rut. 

Tips to aid productivity that work for me

  • 15 mins of cardio per day and to do lists really help me also, exercise or just generally getting out of the house and going for a walk can really help me focus and think, but always take a pen and paper because if your like me you might forget by the time you get home. :')

  • At the end of the day I make a to do list for the next, I also made a 'not to do' list of things that will distract me, for example my biggest distraction is YouTube. 

  • Give yourself a 'power hour', one hour in the day where you switch off your phone and social networks and focus on your task wholeheartedly as it were. You'll be surprised how much you will get done and how much spare time you will have!

If anyone has any other tips or tricks for positivity or productivity I would love to hear and share :). Please follow my social networks for more regular updates :)

hakuna matata :D 

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