March Update



I haven’t blogged in a while, well a while for me anyway. I have had such a busy month! So much to write about that I couldn’t think of a title so yey…  March!
March is the busiest time of the year (except Christmas) for the Hollings family as it seems everyone was born in that one month.

Including ME!

That’s right! 10th March 1995 Friday’s child is fair of face, or something like that… Anyway the weekend before my birthday I took the train home to surprise my dad when he came back from NY for his 50th (3 days before mine). 

 I ran out shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and he dropped his bags and said “What are you doing here?” (Thanks dad) but he was overjoyed really, kudos on mum for keeping it a secret for such a long time that’s very hard for her. So after the initial dive-hug on the father we had a massive birthday meal for everyone before setting back off to uni the next day… very busy weekend.

The day after I got back from home was my 19thbirthday, I didn’t really do that much on my actual birthday except go to the pub and uni because I had a massive blow out          ‘mad hatter’s tea party / Disney themed night’
            It was a dream come true as I love Disney and I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland! Everyone gathered at mine and then we headed out into Canterbury like a bunch of hyper 10 year olds… ok that might have just been me, but still! The whole thing made for an amazing night and awesome memories! Love you guys.

 On the 25th of March I trundled with my 3 best friends with massive suitcases to our local pub at 7pm to board a coach to Andorra with the university’s snow society, ‘C4 SnowSports’. I only got back yesterday and already I am sitting on the train back to Newcastle, I must be mad. 14 hour coach and ferry journey and then 5 hours on a train back to the North, I can’t tell you how tired I am… I lied, I’M SO TIRED.
 Skiing all day and dancing all night is so tiring! I am thinking now though that because this trip was so incredibly awesome that I might do a new blog post after this, just about the trip, when I get home, after I have slept. Yes that’s the plan!

Right till next time find out about my amazing time in Pas De La Casa – Andorra! Stay tuned I guess! x

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