New Year New Blog.


Greatest apologies to the lack of posts over the Christmas season. happy merriment times and what not... no seriously though tuns of uni work was due for the beginning of term. So, not good.

New Blog

I do love writing about Make-up and Beauty etc. but im finding it a little difficult to keep the content going, and therefore I am changing my idea of my blog to be about my life though uni as a student with a open and free thinking mind looking to create my own self-brand though my PR, Marketing and Media degree and as a Northerner living in the south and generally my aspirations and views on things. 


In this new year I hope to get fit and by that I mean toned from the gym of which I joined last week and a healthy diet, so have fun waiting with my suffer with that and do well in my first year of university that will be ending in may. apart from that I just wish to have a good and happy year. :)

17th Jan 14

Since my last post at the start of December it has been Christmas day and new year of which i both enjoyed very much, you could check out my instagram for pics on that if you like :). I also traveled back down to uni in the car and settled back into uni life here in Canterbury. I will try and post at least once a week from now on. Hopefully my next one this weekend though :)

Happy Delayed New Year :) x

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