Home Sweet home :)


Hey, update on the blogging front.
I am back at home in Newcastle, I got back on Friday and I feel like I haven't stopped since!
beauty related I had my hair dyed on Saturday. A lot more brighter and blonder. My natural hair colour is horrid and boring. :')

On Monday I caught up with my very good friend Hannah, we went to a lovely coffee shop in Newcastle city center called 'Central Bean Coffee House', highly recommend if your ever in the area! 

Later that day I went to my first ever game of 'Lazer Quest' we were playing solo and I won! i couldn't believe it! then we went for pizza and cocktails at a bar in Sunderland. 

over these past few days I have caught up with work colleagues in Newcastle, we went to an Indian restaurant Akbar's, very nice. The Nan Bread was twice the size of my head! 

On the Beauty related front I have not bought any new products with trying to save money being a uni student. However I am going out tonight in my new Zara play suit and I am going to try do a sixties 'Bridget Bardot' look :) x

Alssoooo... Christmas Decorations are up! 

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