Healthy Attempt



Without sounding too much like a typical Bridget Jones on a new years re-branding mission, one of my resolutions was to be more healthy and fit :) 

So far it has been going ok... ish. It could be better... 

I joined up to the local gym for £15 a month and i am planning to go AT LEAST three times a week... fingers crossed.

Last term I was a total sucker for ready meals, crappy food that was fast to make and eating at funny time i.e 11 pm. This term I am determent to eat good healthy food, cook more and generally be less crappy. 

Another little thing also me and my Boyfriend are going round Canterbury trying to find the best afternoon tea, so far we have tried Susan's Cafe and La Trapistte Which were both nice but i have to say La Trapistte's Scones were Amaaazing! Defiantly  recommend! Also healthy smoothies at the American Pancake Cafe are so lush.

So onward and upwards for a healthier lifestyle and a fitter me! :D 
Wish me luck! 

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