It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


ITS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS !! Well it is for me anyway! 

Just finished my last seminar at uni, going home on Friday! Traveling on Friday the 13th... #worried. 

Myself and my flatmates wont be together over Christmas we decided to have 'Christmas day' last Saturday. 

It was brilliant! We decorated the kitchen, had Christmas dinner, gave each other presents, had mulled wine and a watched 'Elf'! 

Mmm best food at uni so far!

I got an adorable teapot! My flatmates know me well. :P

We all got matching presents of the boys! 

Now I know this has nothing to do with beauty products but I just wanted to share about my lovely flatmates. So... THANKYOU GUYS! <3 

Although i have got in the Christmas Beauty spirit with festive nails and a jazzy Xmas jumper! 

 As another little beauty input, today I went for a Gothic look with dark eyes and lips, I LOVE soap&glory lip colour range and they do really nice matt lipstick too, and it stays on for ages, Highly Recommend!! 

... Just got my nails refilled today also and i got them painted very festive, again at the same place in Canterbury, also highly recommend! 
Can't take a picture yet though unfortunately because my phone is broke as soon as its fixed ill update this post. :D 

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