Nails & Stuff


Just a quick update.

I got my nails done a while ago at this little place in Canterbury about 3 weeks ago, and they are still on! Which is good going for acrylics. I can't remember what the place was called but they are on the corner next to the Marlow Theater and they were only £25.00! cheap compared to up north! 

I got bored of just having plain french nails, so last night I painted them a deep red which I love! Thanks to Imogen for the little hearts too. :)  

In other news my friend is going to a ball tonight (lucky for some) so I just finished doing her make-up and hair for her. She was very pleased with the results. Haven't got a picture of her in her dress unfortunately because she is getting ready at her other friends house. Hope she has a really good night though! 

This is her 'go away Alanna' face.. 

I used my Bare-Minerals on her skin, some Ted Baker blusher, lipstick and eye-shadow, with some pink and purple glitter 'Bonjour' eye-shadow, she used her own No7 mascara and I used 'Archbrow' by Soap&Glory for her eyebrows. :) 

Right I've got to get on with some Uni work now, stop distracting me Internet! 

Night All x 

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