Hi guys, 

Had the most amazing Halloween on Thursday! All my friends at uni are amazing and I love them all. Great costumes too! 

Just thought I would do a little Halloween blog, I did do Gothic makeup but it was the first time I have tried it, so I didn't go full out. Also with my sensitive skin I couldn't really put much on as it would irritate my skin. 

I was so stuck with a costume till I found some black angel wings and a black halo in a little fancy dress shop in Canterbury near my flat. 

I'm still not quite sure what I was even meant to be, i'd say either a Gothic angel or 'the devil in disguise'. I just wore a red dress with the wings and halo, tights and heels (which i regretted within 10 mins of being in the club).

This is a horrendous picture (above) and my white makeup has came off but it's the only picture that I have of my wings! 

Hats off to my friends Beth (with the zombie makeup) and Giulia (half skull face makeup) on there excellent makeup! 

For my makeup I used white face paint (not a lot due to my sensitive skin), smokey black eyes, thick black eye liner and false eye lashes (that had to be applied by my friend as I am forever gluing my eyes shut). For my lips I used bright red lipstick and one of my black eye liners as a lip liner then smudged it inward to look more Gothic.

Here are some photos of the night, Hope everyone had a good Halloween! 


*** Next Blog shall by my bare minerals step-by-step guide! ***

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