The Eyes Have It


My favourite part about makeup is the eyes, I always pay special attention to them because they are one of the parts of you that people look at the most and maybe for the longest. 

At the moment these two are my everyday mascaras. Ted Baker and Rimmel's 'Scandaleyes'. 

It sounds a bit excessive to use two mascaras but there is a trick behind it. 

 < The Ted Baker has a smaller brush (Left) and therefore can individually define each lash.

Then straight after (so it doesn't dry)  apply the Rimmel mascara with the larger brush, that will thicken the lashes you have just defined. >

So because of this it doesn't make your lashes thick and clumpy because the smaller brush will have already separated them.

One of the things that people always forget is that you need to really push from the base of the lash up, I've seen people just doing the tips of the lashes, this will just clump them together.

Don't forget your bottom lashes! Use a small brush to slightly define them, even the littlest bit will make a difference. This will make your eyes look bigger too! 

Now this is just a base, afterwards you can use eyeliner or eye-shadow to emphasise your look. 

Eyebrows are a new-ish trend, it used to be big and bushy brows are ugly now its the opposite!

You wouldn't think they make that much of a difference but without eyebrows your eyes and face aren't framed. Even the littlest difference can make an impact.

I've used a lot of different brands in the past but I can never seem to get the correct colour because my hair is so light, but this Soap&Glory 'Archery' is really good, not just because it is the right colour but because it doesn't just draw on your skin it tints! 

It's double ended with a brush that actually tints your eyebrow hair! Then on the other side it has a pencil to fill in more if you want to, as shown... 

Soft Kohl pencil 

always start by using the brush to tint your eyebrows from the inside out shaping as you go. Then you can fill any parts you want to make darker with the pencil. 

 This shapes your eyes and should be worn even on your 'natural' looking days. 

If there is any other part of makeup/hair/nails that people would like me to go though drop me a message and id be happy to blog about it. <3 

 Now go flutter those lashes! ;) 

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