My Makeup Bag


You would not believe what I've been though trying to get these photos uploaded! My phone was not connecting to my computer via wire or blue-tooth and then did not work so I ended up having to use, nightmare. So yeah here it is. 

I wanted to go though some my makeup bag to show you what I personally use, day to day. :)

This is my beauty bag and my makeup, I got the actual bag for my 18th birthday off my parents. 

For my skins base makeup i use Bare Minerals (shown bellow) which are pots of loose mineral powder and brushes, if you get that starter pack they all come in one box and that includes a DVD on how to apply it and a free mini primer. 

So, there are 3 pots. The original cover/concealer (the biggest one), the warmth (the middle one) and the Mineral veil (on the left). I am planning to do another blog soon with an easy step by step guide to applying the mineral powder because it can get quite complicated. 

These are my eyeliners, though worn out and dirty I love them all, from the top...

No7       - Pen Liner

It was my everyday liner but sadly it is a bit dry now and doesn't go on very well but I've have had it for about a year, it's still good for little 'ticks' because the tip is so small.

17          - Pencil eyeliner

I got this one free in a little goodie bag, i like using the pencil for underneath my eyes because it's very easy for the liquid ones to run into your eye and that can hurt also they usually come off straight away. 

Rimmel  - 'Scandaleyes Thick & Thin' Pen liner

I got this free when I bought the scandaleyes mascara which insistently is my favorite mascara I have ever used, its called thick and thin because one side of the tip is thick so it's good for doing big lines and the thin side is good for thin lines for example, in the inside corners of your eyes.

Loréal    - SuperLiner Blackbuster  

My everyday eyeliner, I love this because it has a really big pen tip which is easy to apply, doesn't smudge, stays on all day and doesn't flake like liquid eyeliners. Great for precision too. :) 

That's all I've got time for at the moment, but I will post more tomorrow and the Bare Minerals Step-by-step guide soon :) 

night night x 

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