Into The Birdman.


I am what you would call a film nerd. Studying TV and Film Production at college before coming to uni opened my eyes to a world of looking at a film, not just for the storyline, but for the directing, the score, the camera work, everything you would miss if you didn't know what you were looking for. Of course this does mean I can no longer look at badly made programs or films without huffing and tutting like my granny at a restaurant. I could blog about my love for films till my eyes were square but I don't have the time and I don't think anyone would have the patience. So two recent films I've just only just in the past week have been 'Birdman' and 'Into The Woods' so I thought id write about them. 


I personally thought the trailer looked a bit 'lad-ish' when my boyfriend said he wanted to watch it, but I am a lover of all films and open to all genres so after a really cruddy day we decided to go watch it, mainly so I could choke down my stress of uni with some minstrels and full fat cola. The films storyline was about a man who used to be really famous for playing a superhero (Birdman) in his younger days and never shook of the image, so in an aim to become famous again he directs, and stars in his own play which is stressing him and everyone around him, showing the hectic run up to opening night. 

Now thats all fine and dandy but as a sideline he somehow has the powers of Birdman like the control over objects and the gift of flight, its hard to decide if this is just him struggling to let go of his character or if he actually has those powers, most likely not but still. Oh and did I mention he has a voice in his head that talks to him and gives him careers advice? Yeah, he seems to be having an inward battle of being a good person and accepting he is a has-been or screwing everyone over for his craving of the stardom he once had. Aside from the deep and confusing storyline that was slightly bordering on pretentious, the cinematography was excellent! Using only invisible editing to look like the whole film was one continuous shot made it flow well and made it look more realistic. This coupled with the solo drum soundtrack keeps it different and quirky, more like a film you would see at a hip young indie film festival. 

This is definitely a film that is hard to put my finger on but I would still recommend it if you like phycological films about other peoples egos. Defiantly a film for film buffs and actors or people who  work in that industry and can relate. l'd give it a 4/5 for directing and camera work but a 3/5 for storyline and entertainment. 

Into The Woods

If you have seen the film you would have just sang that subtitle... Yes this is the new star studded musical to sing its way into our brains and then bug us for the next few weeks. However it is not your typical happily ever after shimmy shimmy musical this is like someone took all the classic childhood fairy tails and shoved them in a blender with Les Misérables. Based on a theatre production which is based on the original Grimm brothers tails, its a blend of dark and twisted parts with your favourite childhood stories such as Cinderella, Jack and the beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood. I love the way all of the stories are linked in some way by this one woodland area that seems to possess a sickness that makes people act foolishly, très clever.

It also has some sharp witty humour which keeps it alive for people who think it maybe a bit too cheesy for them, the effectively make fun of themselves in a way. Although a lot of my friends said that it didn't live up to their expectations I toughly enjoyed it and can't stop listening to the soundtrack and the singing itself by the actors is marvellous and compelling. It did start to get a little confusing by the end, I don't want to ruin it but you really do have to concentrate on what is going on, its one of those films where if you pop to the toilet you will have no clue what is going on so eyes peeled. Cinematography nothing particularly different but the look and the feel of the film really did make the whole thing, if it was done in a slightly brighter and childish way the film would have gone so far that it would actually turn into cheese. 

Brilliant acting, Brilliant Singing, Brilliant script, I loved it. Would really recommend to anyone that loves musicals and twisted tails, all the actors are amazing and the stories are too. 7/10 for me because personally nothing can beat Les Misérables or the classic Chicago, but it is a really good film to watch if you just want to forget about everything and amerce  yourself in another world for about two hours.

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