Long Time, No Type


Three months since my last post and a lot has happened, I haven't really had time to write anything. Starting my second year at uni has been quite difficult with a higher work load and what not but leaving my job to focus has left me with more time to get organised! I couldn't leave 2014 without a post though, even if i should be writing my essays of which I have five due for January because apparently my lecturers don't believe in having a holiday spirit. There are so many things that I wanted to blog about but not had the time so this is just a mix of things really.  

Stein Bier Keller

Most recently I visited a Bavarian bar in newcastle, I had no idea what it would be like, me and my friends just herd it was good from a friend of a friend. Well it was the most fun I've had in a bar for a long time, it was like we just walked into an apres ski party! Three long tables covering what looked like an old cellar beneath the busy nightlife of newcastle's big market. Staff in lederhosens were serving giant 'steins' of beer and cider, we took some space on the end of a bench and before I knew it we were singing, chanting and cheering constantly while standing on the benches! I chose the wrong night to wear a body con dress and heels... All in all it was a brilliant night and if anyone is ever in newcastle I could highly recommend it if you like having a genuine fun time with no pretentious drama.

Horsing around 

Not a recommendation just wanted to express my love for the sport! Having never ridden a horse before I started with my close friend in September and have been having lessons every week since, I can now trot, canter and do little jumps. When I was in school I used to think the horse girls were a bit mad but now I can see why, to be in control of an animal is so fun but tiring! So tiring, they really miss out the fact that when your learning your thighs burn like a two hour gym session! The picture is of the horse I have been riding, a lot of people I know are frequently ride and have done since they were little so I'm a little behind on the whole craze I do realise, but never the less I'm loving it so far and looking for more things to do involved with the sport.

The Apprentice

Its a big show in my uni house especially with all of us studying marketing, we all sit and bitch about how we could do a much better job. Watching the final last night at home (look away now if you don't want to know) I must say I loved Bianca's tights idea, speaking from a woman's point of view its a HUGE gap in the market for different skin coloured tights but I feel she didn't execute it well and the presentation and packaging was bland and the pricing was way over, I'd never pay £30 for a pair of tights that I would just rip in a week! However Mark's idea was not anything special,  in fact digital marketing is so common theres hardly enough clients, saying that I really do think that he, as a person, can go really far so it will be interesting to see how they will both progress now that the show has finished. 

New years resolutions and plans 

So I've been thinking (did it hurt? no it didn't) that I need a big clear out and every time I see an item of clothing I don't use I feel so bad, like it needs a life, so my plan is to but a weekend aside and clear out all of my wardrobe and draws and everything I have no need for and give it to charity. My plan is to live with the least amount of clutter possible so that hopefully I will have a clearer mind. Other things for the new year are the typical girl things like clean eating, gym more, work harder (like don't try put off your work by writing a blog) and get a placement in PR! 

I keep thinking oh I really don't want to do these essays for uni, I just want to live in a big house and have loads of money, but then I think thats why I'm doing these essays in the first place.. So I must crack on, as they say. I hope everyone has a lovely christmas and a drunken happy New Year! See you in 2015! 

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